Sunday, April 13, 2008

Star Wars Mania

The boys have been big fans of Star Wars for some time now. Last weekend, Spike TV was showing episodes 1-3 (the newer made movies) and we watched them. I was hooked right away because of the storyline that flows strongly through the movies and because it was helping to fill in the blanks of what I knew about the original Star Wars movie (which is technically Episode 4 to confuse some of you even more. LOL). Then, this weekend, Spike TV was showing Episodes 4-6 (original Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi). I just finished watching Return of the Jedi. The following will probably contain spoilers for those of you who've never seen the movie, so be warned before reading on! Wink!

I really became interested in who was Darth Vader and how did he become that way. How was Darth Vader Luke's dad? Then, holy cow, I found out that Luke and Leia were actually twins. How did I not know this stuff just because I pay enough attention to entertainment stuff not because I'd seen any of the Star Wars movies. I am not really that interested in the Sci Fi stuff and the battle scenes, but the storyline is so prevalent and I needed to know. Heck, I was so involved with the movies that I got weepy when Darth Vader died and when Luke paid homage to him (funeral pyre for fallen Jedis). I totally appreciate what George Lucas did with this story and I'm glad I can finally say that I've seen all 6 episodes.

I highly recommend these movies (watch them in order, not by when they were made, but by episode) if you've never seen them. Just like the Godfather, I saw these movies later in life and have a great appreication for them now. May the Force Be With You! ;-)


Cricket said...

LOL! It's weird how they releasee these movies so out of sequence isn't it! I saw the very first one, Star Wars, when I was 14 years old at our local theater (wow, I'm really dating myself huh? LOL)...I've always enjoyed them!


j4crew said...

LOL!! The boys and DH love Star wars too and you know I have NEVEr watched them!!! LOL

Of course the boys are BEYOND excitement that it's STAR WARS WEEKEND when we are at DISNEY!! :)