Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Signs of Spring

So last week I was all down about spring not coming fast enough. Then, I was walking around our gardens and I saw lots of plants coming up! Lots of new green things (yay). I found the Chives really popping up (but I need to clean out the dry gunk from last year). The Bleeding Heart is raring to go! The Daffodils are starting, but they aren't going to bloom for a few more weeks. There are buds on the Bradford Pear tree. I also found a really cute, little, lonely Crocus that was sitting pretty.
It was fun to focus on the positive and see the little bit of color that is coming out instead of just seeing the "grey" out there. It helped that it was a nice, sunny day, too.


croppin carla said...

Man. I miss gardening! I had a huge garden at my house when I had a house....and lots of these things that you are mentioning was in it....and I had lots of roses too! I love gardening with flowers.......nice pictures.

momof3feistykids said...

What gorgeous photos! Our daffodils just bloomed.

Maggie said...

whoohoo, I can use some kewl weather about now.. Summer is here full blast :)