Monday, December 22, 2008

What are my favorite subjects?

The boys and the kitten, right? So how about a picture of both? Or all? LOL
I was wrapping gifts on Sunday and when I cut off the first strip, Matthew put it on his head and an idea was born. Make Indian headresses out of the strips! So Andrew had to have one, then I got to listen to them "woo woo woo" all around the kitchen for awhile. ;)
Today, while I was finishing up a few homemade gifts, Daisy just got right onto my Making Memories cutter and made herself comfy. She looked too cute and I had to take a picture.

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Korey said...

Funny boys, Lisa! And...I think I've said it before, but I'm not a "cat person", but your Daisy is very, very, very cute.