Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally.... we got some SNOW!

We had our 4th snow day yesterday, but it was the first real "snow day". The other 3 days were all about mixture junk, ice, etc... Nasty! It was so nice to finally have real snow. It started at 9am and pretty much snowed all day long. Jim even stayed home from work, which was a good call since they closed his work at 12pm and he would have spent most of the time in the car trying to get home in the mess! We had a great day - we baked cookies, watched some movies and just enjoyed the day. :)

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Jeanette S said...

How pretty the snow is !! Especially since it it at your house and not at mine !! LOL I would love some snow too but not that much !! Hope the boys had fun in it..