Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She'll eat anything!

Daisy is a funny cat. She loves food. She loves people food. We have gotten her where she doesn't always try to steal food from us, but she's still a sneaky little devil some days. Tonight, Matthew was eating buttered Italian bread and Daisy decided the small hunk she got her paws on was now hers. She "fought" with this bread in the kitchen for awhile and pretty much just ate the butter off of it. She's such a goof!


Linda said...

She is insane, but absolutely adorable!!! Be careful or she'll bite your hand off!!! LOL

Cricket said...

how cute is she!!!


Carla said...

LOL she is a goof. And such an adorable girl.

La- said...

So cute! I love it... still makes me want one!