Saturday, March 1, 2008

Going to The Quiet Man Tonight!

We're going out to our favorite restaurant/Irish Pub tonight. We started going here a few years ago with our good friends, Mike & Pam, and now it's a tradition to meet them there a few times a year. It's definitely something we'll miss a lot when/if we move to NC.

Our favorite thing to get is the Whiskey Steak and it's sometimes funny because all four of us will order the same exact thing. We get the baked brie w/fruit to start (my mouth is watering already). Then the Whiskey steak, with their homemade scalloped potatoes. Yum! I usually drink wine at the bar before dinner and then during dinner, but then afterwards I usually get Baileys on the rocks or Baileys in my coffee. Jim, Mike & Pam will often get Irish Coffee, but I prefer the Baileys.

We'll be leaving the boys with Jim's dad & stepmom for the night, which always makes the evening so nice. We take our time and usually end up there for like 3 hours. Bar before dinner, then dinner, then sitting at the bar after dinner. Mike & Pam are just such great company, too. We'll have lots to catch up on tonight, also. We can even celebrate my bday which is two weeks from yesterday (March 14th).

Here's a site with a review of The Quiet Man. Also, just a little trivia... this restaurant was named after a John Wayne Movie. I finally saw this movie on AMC about 6 months ago and the chemistry between John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara is just so spunky & fun. Maureen O'Hara actually visited the restaurant, so they have pictures of her up on the wall along with a bunch of pictures of the actual movie.
Now, I have to go figure out what to wear!


AliciaSharp said...

Lisa I so hope you move to NC cause then you will be close to me! We could get together. I hope you hear something soon!

pkelly_grrl said...

Geez, someone could have reminded us that your birthday was coming up. Geez! We would have put a candle in Megan's cheesecake.