Monday, January 14, 2008

More Resolutions

#1 - I'm hopping on Linda's "no buying" bandwagon. I cannot buy any new scrapbook supplies until I've completed 50 layouts. I have 5 done so far in 2008, so 45 more to go. I own way too much stuff and need to use what I own before I buy more. Even when I hit 50 layouts, I might not just rush out and get more. Yah right! ;)

#2 - I'm going to put more effort into doing the weekly challenges on ScrapHappy and I'm going to try to do Challenges on the Scrapfreak site. We have a lot of great layout challenges on ScrapHappy every week and I just don't put enough effort into planning to do them. As for Scrapfreak, I joined in November and haven't done any actual scrapping challenges yet (I've done picture and blog challenges, though). So hopefully, I'll start doing more challenges!

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