Sunday, January 20, 2008

I used to Golf!

I used to golf. "Used to" being the operative words in that sentence. DH & I used to golf a lot together, even taking golfing vacations. Then we had kids. lol. I love the boys, but I don't get to do everything I used to do and I want some of the "used to" things to become "I still do" things. We have a golf themed bedroom in Myrtle Beach and I'm going to frame this picture to add to DH's pictures. He's got plenty of himself in that room!


Lala said...

Its fun to make things you used to do back to things you DO do... cannot wait to hear that you played golf!!


Cathy said...

Look at you girl!!! Man would Joe be pleased if I broke out my clubs again. Heck I put them away b/c I got tired of knocking the heads of worms off! HA!

croppin carla said...

Thats a great photo......Im not a golfer myself, but my parents are.....blow that picture up poster size and have it framed! LOL