Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I bowled today (2nd week back) and we did pretty well. We won all 4 games, which was a miracle considering last year we did so bad in the beginning and then played "catch up" all year long to not end up at the bottom of the barrel in standings. lol. I bowled a 143, 147 and a 160. After our regular games were over, myself & one of my teammates decided to "pre bowl" for when we'd be out. I'll miss bowling on 10/1 when we're in Disney (I've mentioned that we're going back to WDW, right? Bwahahahahaha). Well..... I will be modest and say that I rocked my prebowling games! Yeehaw. I bowled a 173, a 213 and then a 170! I had a great series and will get my pen or keychain for my 200 game at the end of the season. It felt great to get a 200 under my belt this early in the season! Yay. :)

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croppin carla said...

Well good for you girl......glad that you are back to bowling and that you are enjoying yourself....OH and yes we know you are goin back to Disney that is all you friggin talk about! LOL
Love yah girl.