Sunday, June 15, 2008

Soccer & Father's Day!

Yesterday was our soccer tournament. It was a long, hot, crazy day.... BUT.... our team won the gold medal! We won with penalty kicks 3-2. Matthew & Andrew both scored for our team and I was one happy Mom! I'm glad soccer is over, but I'm sad that we won't see all the kids/parents each week (well some of them. LOL).

Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's day to all the dads out there, especially Jim who's a great day to Matt & Andrew. We've done gifts, had breakfast, mowed the lawn, helped the boys with water balloons, done some crosswords, showered and now it's time to watch the end of the US Open (let's see if Mr. Tiger Woods can hold onto his lead even with a bum knee). We also saw some baby deer today, so I'll share a picture. The wildlife never ceases around here. I'll have to try to get gator pictures in Myrtle beach to share. lol.


Leslie said...

I want to see gator pictures!

La- said...

Great shots of your men!!! SOunds like a busy day!

Congrats on the soccer Tournament! WHOO HOO!!!


croppin carla said...

Well sounds like you had a nice weekend and a nice fathers day, great pictures. Love the baby deer!

Shannon Schafer said...

Congrats on the tournament!!! Awesome photos!!!