Monday, June 30, 2008

Going to the Beach!

Well my friends and fellow bloggers, I'm signing off for awhile. I'm heading down to Myrtle Beach, SC tomorrow. The boys and I are packing up the SUV and heading down Rt. 95 - 700 miles! I hope we have an easy trip (no traffic please) and I hope we're there before 8pm. I'm looking forward to our time at the beach, at the pool, spending time with family, going to some amusement type things, playing mini golf, going out to dinner, celebrating Sara's 21st birthday, doing crosswords, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing Bingo, reading some books, etc... I'll be back on 7/28 to attend two Bruce Springsteen concerts and then I head back to MB on 8/3 for another week & a half. Cya!


croppin carla said...

Oh Lisa....have tons of fun........we will miss you, but sounds like your summer is just going to be great.....wish I could come hang with you! Im so envious at the relaxation that you get to have at the beach!

ErinRagan said...

So, I know you won't be home to your computer for ages! but I tagged ya! ;)

Miss you!