Saturday, March 21, 2009

Signs Of Spring

Normally, with a title like that, you'd be expecting some flower pictures or buds on the trees. But no... you're getting Daisy pictures. Why? Because the darn cat is in heat and she's just 6 months old. She started acting weird yesterday - the first day of Spring, ironically. She has her butt in the air all the time, she makes these weird, funky mewing sounds constantly and she's obviously uncomfortable. She's also affectionate and will beeline for any door that she thinks she can get out of. It's rather humorous and slightly disturbing all at the same time. LOL! So being the loving mom that I am, I got out the camera last night and took these lovely pictures of her for posterity. Thank God she's getting fixed on Thursday!


renee said...

AWW THE POOR THING. she is just too darn cute!!!

Casie said...

I remember going through that with my Abby years ago. They sure do act weird don't they!!