Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Four Eyes!

First of all, I've been a horrible blogger and I need to do a much better job at posting things here again.
Well it's been all about the glasses here lately. Andrew finally got his sport goggles (second pair of glasses to wear during sports activities). Matthew went to the eye doctor for the first time and had to get glasses, too. He has to wear them all the time and the poor child got bifocals because the muscles in his eyes are a little weak.
For the picture where Andrew's wearing his sport goggles, the boys found Jim's old bandanas and thought they'd look really cool wearing them. They were more than happy to pose for the camera. Can you tell (by the short sleeves) that we finally had a spring day?
I also went to the eye doctor last week for the first time in over 2 years and my new glasses are on order. I'll definitely post a new picture when I get them because I was adventurous this time and got a funky style vs. the same old same old. The lady actually told me my type of glasses were out of style - she was nice about it, but OMGawd! I've never been a trendy girl anyway. LOL.


Casie said...

Can't wait to see your new glasses!! Wow.. lots of time at the eye Dr for your family lately!

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Can't wait to see your trendy new glasses! Kacie ordered some funky new frames yesterday.

Cathy said...

Well the lady was right but at least I can say that I love you anyway!!! : )

Those boys are so dog gone handsome!!

What is it with blogging as of late? I don't give a crap about it so much anymore. Sad huh? I havent really been scrapping either. Now that is really sad!!

La- said...

You guys look so cute.. cannot wait to see your new specs!!!


Night Owl Mom said...

Bet that cost you some bucks! Glasses are so expensive these days. Kyle needed a new scrip and his vision is so bad that we decided to get backup lens in his old glasses. I was shocked at the price! Can't wait to see the HIP new YOU when your new glasses arrive. I bet you'll look 10 years younger! LoL