Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Today was Wacky Wednesday at the boys' school. They both dressed up. Matthew wore his sweatpants inside out, a blue & red striped shirt and his tie dyed Stitch shirt inside out. Andrew went all out. He had on his pants backwards with a bathing suit on over top. He wore green striped fuzzy socks & his shoes on the wrong feet (he swears he wore them that way all day long, too). He wore his "Robin costume" underneath it all so that the cape would fly out the back. He had on a long sleeved shirt, inside out and then a green Tshirt over top of that inside out. He also put on his sweatjacket with the zipper on his back and his backpack on his chest instead of his back to go up to the bus stop. Andrew was very pleased with his outfit. LOL. Also, when I took their picture, they both decided they needed to "act wacky", so these pictures are a little kookoo. ;)


Linda said...

OMG! They are hilarious!!!

-leafa mcbirdie said...

too funny! as I was reading all the stuff they had on, especially Andrew, I found myself on the verge of a panic attack -HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET EVERYTHING OFF IN TIME IF THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM?! lol It's great that they had so much fun with that!