Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow! I want Snow!

So I was working on this layout today and noticed all the snow in the yard from last March. We have nothing on the ground right now (or miniscule amts). I really want a good snow fall right now. The boys would love a snow day, they want to go sledding which is impossible without snow and it would be great for the ski mountains. Last week, the training hill area was just a sheet of ice. Today, it's raining, so if it all freezes, the boys will be trying to learn to ski on a sheet of ice again. *** sigh *** So if the snow Gods are listening, I would really love a nice snow storm and I won't even complain when I have to go outside and help clear it from the driveway & walkway!


croppin carla said...

You are COOKOOOOOO to want snow.....just plain COOOKOOOOO...Im so SICK OF IT!

Jana said...

Love your blog. This layout is gorgeous. Don't know if I want snow. But the layout is fab.