Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ugh.... computer problems!

So I've decide I want to keep up with my blog. Thank you to Erin, Eleni and La for your encouraging words. I realized that it was one of the first times, in my adult life, that I was really journaling what was going on in my life and I didn't just want to stop doing it.

Anyway, now I have computer problems. One of the ways I like to blog is to post pictures. It's probably my fave way to blog & journal. I'm a very visual person. LOL. But my stupid computer won't let me upload pictures here to Blogger. I also can't upload pics to yahoo or photobucket. Wahhhhh!

I think we're either getting someone to fix this computer (yet again) or getting a new one. I can't deal with computer problems when it's my lifeline almost every day. DH bought himself a flat screen TV, so maybe it's time for me to get a laptop? ;-)

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Kristie said...

I think you should definitely get a laptop!!