Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Whew! I'm actually glad it's over! I look forward to Halloween every year because I loved it as a kid and I love going trick or treating in our neighborhood. After school, we carved our pumpkins and got them situated on the front stoop. Around 6:30, the boys got dressed up and we walked around the neighborhood with two other friends & one other mom. We ran into so many friends & neighbors, which is always fun. Andrew had to show off his "wings" that popped out for everyone. lol. Jim stayed home and gave out candy. We guestimated that he gave out about 70 candy bars this year with plenty of leftovers (like I need all of that in the house? Ha). I'm posting a few pictures including one of Daisy since she had to get in on the Halloween action. :)


La- said...

The boys look great! Ansd look at little Daisy D!

Sounds like a fun night!


Mama Monkey said...

What great pictures!

Donna said...

I totally LOVE that kitty. She's precious! The pumpkins are really cool - looks like everyone had fun!